Dimitri Nowicki


Інститут ММС Кібцентр НАН, старший науковий співр.

Expert in AI, ML, Neural Networks, Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics from Toulouse univ Paul Sabatier, Dimitri has experience both of academic and industrial project in several countries. 20 years in IT industry

Тема доповіді:
Beyond McCulloch and Pitts: spiking network, deep learning, and unsupervised agents.

Тези доповіді:

  • Despite of triumph of Machine Learning in present decade, the most demanded approaches still use McCulloch -Pitts neurons like 1943.
  • In this presentation we will try to go beyound and speak about more biologically plausible networks and their efficient training methods.
  • We will also talk about deep learning fo spiking networks as well as self-learning agents with artificial “brains”
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