Dmytro Peleshko

Dmytro Peleshko

Vice Rector for Research at University “IT Step Academy”

Vice Rector for Research at University “IT Step Academy”. Doctor of Science, Professor, Senior Member of IEEE. Scientific specialty – systems and methods of artificial intelligence Publication. He has more than 200 scientific publications, including 10 inventions and 10 monographs and book chapters. My current scientific areas are machine vision; computational and artificial intelligence; data mining; data stream mining; digital image, video series, video streams processing in on-line mode. Practical results are video motion detector, fire detector, solution for tracking the objects under conditions of noisiness and high level of separation of motion subject.

Тема доповіді: Analysis of modern methods of video streams mining in on-line mode

Тези доповіді:

  • The report is devoted to analysis of the modern video analytic methods.
  • The main problems of video series and video streams mining will be presented.
  • The analysis of basic tasks of video streams processing and existing solutions for solving the advanced application in artificial intelligence computer vision systems will be considered.
  • A lot of experiment results and problem analysis of tracking systems development will be shown.
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