Mamed Khalilov


CEO Morbax HR & AI

Business Analyst, Product Developer, Data Analyst

After a long experience in managing outsourcing companies for more than 6 years, I decided to go into the field of product and product development, choosing a niche direction in which there is a lot of expertise and competence, namely HR software development well and not without machine training.

Writing algorithms and analyzing data to reveal hidden and invisible patterns inspires.

The theme of the report- will be talking about our experience, challenges, and opportunities for technology partners, the team and the domestic cuisine of the emerging startup.

Тема доповіді: Difficulties with Ai startups

Тези доповіді

  • Machine Learning in business. Choosing the right direction for your project.
  • Market analysis, business model and Customers feedback
  • Why I choose ML and what benefits from this?
  • Team creation. Who should participate in Ai startup?
  • Business model algorithms.
  • Where to get and how to use data for your project
  • Scaling business.
  • The hardest things in business …..
  • What I shouldn’t do ( 10 main things)
  • Why expertise is more important than code?
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