Olga Tataryntseva


ELEKS, Data Scientist

Data Science raised my interest while I was occupying the position of the Head of Technical Support department in the product company. The idea of implementing Data Science approaches could help to improve the internal and external services and move it up to the next level. And at the moment I work on the position of Data Scientist in Eleks.

Тема доповіді: ProjectHealth: how we applied AI to manage software development projects.

Тези доповіді:
Imagine you are a CTO of a 1000 people software company responsible for success of each of 100 projects. How would you do that?
CTO of ELEKS relies on the ProjectHealth – an in-house built AI system to monitor, analyze and track each of these projects in every detail. Daily. No long lasting meetings, no micromanagement routine ever more.
Olga was the one responsible for building ProjectHealth from scratch. She will tell you the whole story.

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