Volodymyr Getmanskyi


ELEKS, Senior Data scientist

I had already had about 10 years’ experience in the data analysis and modeling before the first ‘marketing’ names in the industry began to appear (especially – ‘the sexiest job’))).
I am concerned with a wide range of issues, from challenges to improve efficiency in various sectors to problems close to AI (CV, LP).

Recently I have had to make ‘intelligent’ assistant for a large media corporation what was the impact for speech.

In the speech, I”ll try to make out some common approaches to NLU and their weaknesses.

Тема доповіді: First steps from NLP to NLU

Тези доповіді:
Today, many of NLP problems are solved, but the main problem of this area, which is close to AI development, is still not resolved, and even there is no program still that is close to solving them. In particular this tasks applies to a subset of NLP problems such as NLU (Natural Language Understanding). During the presentation, we will try to consider the main differences between NLP and NLU, tasks and some existing approaches to build NLU engine.

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