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AI & BigData Online Day 2022

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AI & BigData Day is bi-annual conference for Data Science Community in Ukraine.
Conference are organizing from 2017.

Lviv Startup Club / LemBS, Founder & CEO
Depositphotos, Senior Machine Learning Engineer
PhD, Lecturer (Hryhorii Skovoroda University in Pereiaslav), WEF digital member, EdTech Mentor, CIO Video Wiki
a-Gnostics, Co-founder & CTO
Institute of Problems of Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Secretary
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Lviv Startup Club / LemBS, Founder & CEO
Ross Chayka
About speaker:
Стартап-консультант та підприємець. Протягом часу роботи в Lviv Startup Club долучився до розвитку декількох сотень українських стартапів. Активно досліджує нові моделі успіху в GameDev, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Product Management, Data Science, IT Service Business Management.
    Depositphotos, Senior Machine Learning Engineer
    Yurii Pashchenko
    About speaker:
    Senior Machine Learning Engineer with over 8 years of research and commercial experience in applying Deep Learning models. Has extensive experience in various computer vision tasks such as feature engineering, object detection/segmentation, and face recognition.
      PhD, Lecturer (Hryhorii Skovoroda University in Pereiaslav), WEF digital member, EdTech Mentor, CIO Video Wiki
      Nataliia Rzhevska
      About speaker:
      Laureate of the national competition "Young Scientist of the Year" in the nomination "AI Technologies in Science". Semi-finalist #AISOLUTIONS2030 powered by Microsoft and Women in Cloud, World Women Vision Awards Nominee in the area of Education, Finalist "CIO of the year 2020" by WomenTech Network."

      Presentation topic:
      The AI Gene in the DNA of Digitalization

      More about presentation:
      AI promise to be the most powerful tools in generations to expand knowledge, enhance prosperity, and enrich the human experience. Technology will be the basis of the innovative economy and a source of power for the countries that use it. AI will promote competition between governments and companies competing for its application. And this will be used by states to realize their strategic ambitions.

      AI refers to systems that demonstrate intellectual behavior by analyzing the environment and taking action - with some autonomy - to achieve specific goals.

      AI is a system based on algorithms that, by analyzing and identifying patterns in the data, can determine the most appropriate solution. The vast majority of these systems perform specific tasks in limited areas, such as control, forecasting and management. Technology can be developed to adapt its behavior by observing how the environment is affected by previous actions.

      AI can be a crucial element in increasing productivity and improving living standards in the coming years. AI refers to technologies programmed to analyze the world around us and take action to achieve specific goals.

      During the session we will consider AI and its potential in the system:
      • Emergency technologies;
      • Public policy;
      • Innovation portfolio;
      • Diplomacy.

      And we come to the conclusion that AI can be considered as a unique category of emerging technologies, which is the peak in the cycle above expectations for a long time.
        a-Gnostics, Co-founder & CTO
        Yaroslav Nedashkovsky
        About speaker:
        Yaroslav is leading a-Gnostics, an Industrial AI service focused on anomaly detection and equipment failure prediction. He received a Master's degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering in 2008 from the National Technical University of Ukraine. Since 2011, he is working with SoftElegance, and more than a decade he has been working in the role of system architect, technical team lead, and senior software developer. Yaroslav has exceptional technical skills, and real passion is machine learning. He is the speaker at all valuable data science conferences in Ukraine.

        Presentation topic:
        Shazam для промислового обладнання: аналіз аудіоданих за допомогою машинного навчання
          Institute of Problems of Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Secretary
          Maksym Vakulenko
          About speaker:
          I efficiently apply both my born skills (perfect ear, analytical thinking, great capacity of work, flexibility, etc.) and a strong background in physics (PhD) in the fields of computational and applied linguistics.

          These prerequisites helped me to proceed further than my colleagues:
          • In phonetics, I managed to separate speech sound characteristics resulting from the tube and Helmholtz resonances that allowed me to find invariant (speaker-independent) acoustic characteristics of the Ukrainian and English speech sounds, which was not done before. Applicable for phonetics and for enhancing the performance of modern speech recognition tools. Additional tricks reflecting speech wave acoustics will shorten training time and will need much smaller datasets.
          • In terminology, we put forward a concept of investigation methods of terminology that allow one to treat terminology as a full-fledged science.
          • In terminography, we wrote the Ukrainian-English-Russian "Explanatory dictionary on physics" which is a dictionary of the encyclopedic type and is the only dictionary of this kind in Ukraine.
          • In quantitative linguistics, I put forward an analytical approach yielding exact expressions for semantic distances between words.

          Presentation topic:

          Towards modelling artificial consciousness (UA)

          More about presentation:
          • Artificial intelligence;
          • Artificial consciousness;
          • Neural networks;
          • Attention schema;
          • Synergetics.
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